Understanding the model and study resources

The Book of Mormon claims to be an historic document and contains hundreds of geographical and ethnological references within its text.  Many attempts have been made to match these references to physical locations in the Americas, but these have not yet built a consensus among LDS scholars.  No models, including this one, meet the standards required by the scientific community to be considered anything more than conjecture.  With that in mind, this model is intended for an LDS audience, an audience which has worked for nearly two centuries now to invite people everywhere to inquire of God regarding the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  This model contains many intriguing ideas that paint a picture of the societies described in the Book of Mormon that is somewhat different than other models that are popular within the LDS community.

The model can be studied in several ways. The easiest way is to view our summary of the geographic history of the Book of Mormon on our Geographic Model link at the top of the page.

Many visitors to our site are already familiar with other Book of Mormon geographical models and are interested to know how our model compares to “internal” criteria from well-known LDS scholars. If that is your interest, you may want to start by seeing the comparison of our model with the geographical criteria identified by Sorenson in his 1985 book “An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon”.

If you want to study the model in a more advanced way, we make the entire model available in a KML file on our Downloads page. You can cross-reference the KML file to our summary of Book of Mormon geographic history by also downloading the narrative .doc file on the Downloads page.

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