Anthropological Notes

This section of the website deals with anthropological issues including DNA, linguistics, population sizes, technology, metallurgy, etc..

The model for the lands of the Book of Mormon proposed on this website has many of its strengths in the geographical correlations it proposes and many of its weaknesses in the anthropological correlations it proposes, such as DNA and metallurgy.

Baja California was dubbed “The Forgotten Peninsula” for good reason.  The country of Mexico has no shortage of significant archaeology that needs funding and protection including enormous archaeological sites related to the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Olmecs, and other large ancient cultures.  By comparison, very few significant archaeological features were obvious on the Baja peninsula which caused it to attract much less attention from archaeologists and sources of funding for archaeology.

Fortunately, the last few decades have been good for Baja archaeology.  Many professionals now recognize that Baja has great significance when it comes to understanding the prehistory of the American Southwest and much is being done that is advancing our knowledge of the prehistoric inhabitants of the peninsula.  This is not to say that Baja is anywhere near caught up to other geographical regions when it comes to archaeology, it’s just to say that progress is definitely being made in the right directions.

We hope that as this progress continues that the light it sheds will help solve some of the anthropological issues that our current model is weak on.  In any case, here are some thoughts regarding anthropology.