A Narrow Pass

During the final struggle of the Nephites, Mormon describes preparation for battle at a strategic location which he calls a “Narrow Pass”:

“I did cause my people that they should gather themselves together at the land Desolation, to a city which was in the borders, by the narrow pass which led into the land southward.” -Mormon 3:5

This “Narrow Pass” may be a location in Baja known as La Angostura. In a presentation regarding the rock art found there, Eric Ritter describes it as follows:

“The low volcanic cliffs form a narrows transected by the Arroyo…Within this narrows occur small rockshelters and scattered prehistoric archaeological remains from apparent brief residency along with a moderately expansive display of petroglyphs and pictographs…La Angostura seems to be a component of a dynamic coast-interior interaction sphere…where interior products could be had by groups that also used the moderately close coast for its marine goods. This is the first location east of the Pacific coast along a presumed ancient and modern major pathway where a large cliff face would be available for rock art decoration. This is the setting of a narrows and also an entryway to resource-abundant interior lands that could compliment the nearby coastal resource base…This corridor was used in the Mission period and continues as a significant route into modern times. This passageway, following a well-traveled dirt road and east-west arroyo system, was a logical choice for initiating archaeological explorations of prehistoric interactions”